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The Ninth Street Café

The Ninth Street Café is something that was born from having a tiny budget and big dreams. In our early days of serving the Ninth Street community, we dreamed together of how great it would be to have a café or drop-in center in the center of this forgotten part of town. Our friend Arley, himself from the streets and finding recovery from addiction, suggested we bring some coffee and a few tables and chairs and set up our own café right there on the street. This grew into what we now call the Ninth Street Café. We still don't have a building, but somehow there is still a sense of place and home right there on the street.


And now, this "café concept" has bled over into other aspects of community. Turns out that good things happen when people gather over coffee, tea, treats, conversation and games. We partner with our local refugee community, neighborhood children and a local facility serving the severely mentally ill.






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